Inflatable Lounger - Lightweight

Inflatable Lounger - Lightweight

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The Inflatable Lounger is a must have for Spring Break and Summer! Take it with you ANYWHERE and relax in comfort and style. The lightweight design and included carrying bag make it super easy to take with you wherever your next adventure awaits. Great for the BEACH, LAKE, PARK, TRAIL, BOAT, or BACKYARD. Don't miss out on the fastest selling product of the year! 

Get one for everyone in the family! Inflatable Loungers are only more fun the more people that gather together to lounge. 

Inflate it in just seconds with no pump and now tiring out your lungs! Just a gust of wind or a thrust of your arms and your Inflatable Lounger is pumped up and ready to go. Roll up the end and clip it closed to set up for a long nap!

Tons of COLORS to choose from.